Worth the Wait

Have you been waiting long?

This question can be the springboard for small talk at the doctor’s office or reflect the state of one’s life.

My reply makes most people gasp.

“Why, yes. I’ve been waiting for 27 years—on the Lord.”

The Call

When I was 25, God impressed a question upon my heart.

“Will you write and speak for my glory?”

Those words were honey to my heart!

“Yes, Lord! Of course!”

I went to bed that night expectant of the next day’s opportunities.

Except those opportunities didn’t come.

{{ Cue the crickets. }}

I soon began to question, ‘Did I mishear the call?’

“If there’s a will, there’s a way– to force this!”  

Fast-forward to 2015.

(Yes, friend, 25 years later.)

Frantic preparations were underway to attend a large writing conference.

This was my chance!  I could finally make this dream a reality.

Gathering the presentation for a book idea, dressed in artistic attire purchased specifically for the event, I entered into the first publishing appointment.

The agent listened, nodded and scanned the materials. He smiled at me and then said, “Not yet”. 

Deflated, I returned to my hotel room.

Then the Lord gently spoke to my heart.

“I didn’t say ‘No’.  I said, ‘Not yet.’”

 To Everything There is A Season

Another 2 years have passed.

Seminary is finished. God healed my heart’s broken places. A network of amazing women has been established.

He’s changed me.

Now I hope to make his name known and not my own. 

No doubt, I am still “a work in process” with a long way to go—but God’s handiwork is visible.

Doors to ministry are opening without any force or manipulation.

Into my empty, surrendered hands he is placing his plans.

What’s Your Dream, Sweet Friend?

What has God hard-wired into your heart that is intended to bless others and bring him glory?

It’s that dream we know deep down we were created to do.

We light up when we talk about it. We feel most alive when we use those gifts.

It’s our calling and purpose.

Yet it hasn’t be fulfilled yet.

So we wait.

In Good Company

Let’s remember, we are in good company.

Joseph was 17 when God gave him dreams. He was 30 years old when he began serving in Pharaoh’s court.

In between, Joseph was betrayed by his family, falsely accused, imprisoned and then rose to the place where he would forgive his brothers, restore his family and save the people of Egypt from famine.

Joseph was shaped and refined during that season of preparation.

He relied on the Lord.  He deeply learned about God’s character.

Every experience and emotion was used by God to ready Joseph for the dream’s fulfillment.

The season of preparation was not wasted!

Embracing Our Season of Preparation

Our seasons of preparation have great purpose, too.

God is using circumstances, challenges and even the waiting time itself to shape and ready us.

As we honestly surrender ourselves to his work, God equips and molds us.

We open our hands, letting go of our ideas and hopes to control, and allow God to fill our lives with the work and people he wills.

As we take delight in him, our desires align with his will.

Waiting Well

Psalm 27:14 tells us, “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”

Be strong

The wait can feel long and make us weary. That’s when we override those feelings to stand on truth.

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen and sustain us.  Are we leaning into Him?

Take heart

We must encourage one another in the Lord and stand firmly upon God’s promises. We need ‘speakers of truth in love’ in our lives.   Who is in my life for encouragement and accountability?

Wait for the Lord

It is tempting to jump ahead of God while we wait, wanting to force our dreams into fruition ahead of God’s schedule.  Am in in step with the Holy Spirit or am I trying to rush what God is doing?

Let’s choose God’s way and surrender our own.

When we feel weak and weary, Jesus calls us to come and rest in him.

God’s got this, friend. 

I see good plans ahead for you.

It’ll be worth the wait.

It’s God’s promise!

Question: Do you have a dream from the Lord you are waiting on?  Leave me a comment and I will pray with you about it.

P.S.  WELCOME BACK to my blog!

This post marks it’s relaunch as I step into my calling! My prayer is you feel loved and welcomed and return for more encouragement as we walk through life’s struggles with joy and in victory!

6 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Hi Patti! I found your blog through your post at Suzie’s today. What a great story you share here. I attended She Speaks for the first time this year, and it was amazing. Still waiting to hear back from my publishing appointment, but I’m trusting in God’s timing–even if the answer is “not yet” for me too.

    1. She Speaks is truly amazing! There is so much peace in letting go and trusting God with our hopes and dreams. We know we can stand on his promises. He is for us and working on our behalf. The best things will come when we wait upon his timing. // Father, I lift up Sarah to you today. We commit her writing to you. You know where her work is at with the publisher. Strengthen and sustain her as she waits to hear back. I ask your favor upon her and your blessing of fresh ideas to continue to flow as she creates, writes and ministers for your glory! May her work bring light into the darkness of this hurting world! We ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.” Blessings, friend!

    1. Thanks, Patti, for your love and encouragement! The Lord has used you in this journey in a mighty way. Sending love and lifting prayers for you as I close this comment, dear friend.

  2. I have been called several years ago to be a counselor. God wants to use my life to help others break through their pain, stop punishing themselves and embrace the love that God offers unconditionally. God willing I am to start my Masters program in January (if there are enough enrolled) then it’s 3 years before I graduate and another 2 years of supervised sessions.

    I know it’s my calling because every time I want to stay where I am God INSTANTLY reminds me that this is not where He wants me to be. I am a vessel.

    Thank you for sharing with all of us. I can’t wait to read more on your journey!

    1. DeLynn, thank you for sharing your news and journey! You are going to be a huge blessing to many. Walking alongside people to heal their pain is a high calling! I want to encourage you with the familiar saying, “If God’s called you to it, He’ll get you through it!” You have certainly encouraged my heart today! // Father God, thank you for DeLynn and your calling on her life! It is your heart for people to be healed and walk in freedom! I know DeLynn will be your vessel in this process for many to enter that pathway to freedom! I pray for DeLynn’s upcoming coursework. Holy Spirit, it is You who enables and sustains us. We commit all the reading, papers, projects and clinical study into Your capable hands. Strengthen our sister as she endures for the good of others and our Father’s glory! May she walk in the confidence of knowing this is Your calling and You will equip her as she needs right when she needs it. I pray this next step in DeLynn’s life will be part of her greatest joy and speak to the desires of her heart! Thank you for my sister and I pray your blessings upon her. I pray all of this is the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen!

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